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10 Steps to a Successful Startup Angels Campaign

Launching a Startup Angels Campaign is simple, the key to a successful campaign lies in spreading the word to your network! You’ve probably already done a wonderful job of sharing your link with your network and we’d like to share some additional ways to share your campaign. Spreading the word is the most important step, so here are some more tips to doing so effectively!

1. Create a blog post that explains your company, vision and mission

This allows you to share the blog post with friends/family to help them understand your company better and why these donations are so important.

2. Post on your LinkedIn's, Facebook's, Twitter's and Instagram pages, but be sure to stagger these posts so that you are reinforcing your message.

If you post all the links, all at once then it is easy for people to see it and forget. If you stagger your messaging, you can keep your campaign top of mind.

3. Tie your campaign to a milestone/event, whether it be your product launch, birthday, founder anniversary, company anniversary, holiday or anything else.

We’ve found that founders have found success with tying the campaign to significant events. This brings more attention to the campaign and brings forward more donations.

4. Host a virtual launch party for your campaign

Invite your friends and family to a virtual launch event, where you can share a pitch of your company and then open up your campaign.

5. Post frequent updates: as you get donations, share your gratitude on your pages to continue spreading the word.

These frequent updates will keep your campaign top of mind and create network effects within your community.

6. Send personal messages and emails to your friends and family, rather than a mass email/group message.

Sending 1:1 messages, makes the campaign feel more personal. Opt for these messages over large group messages or emails.

7. Create a facebook event for the campaign, to share more detail and personally invite people to join it.

By creating a facebook event, you are creating a sense of personalization and urgency. People feel that they matter when you personally invite them to the campaign and they feel a sense of urgency with an end date present.

8. Ask those that have donated to share

This provides further reinforcement of your message and build on network effects within your community.

9. Customize your registry page with photos, descriptions and more

This allows your community to see why these donations are so important to you

10. Send personal invitation to your campaign

Make a list of your close friends and family and send them evites to your campaign. Making them feel welcome and a part of the campaign event.

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