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Startup Spotlight: The Mental Health Collection

There is no cookie cutter mold for what a successful startup founder needs to be. However, one thing that does hold true for all good founders is passion. Passion for your industry or your product is what'll bring you to your goals, and keep you motivated when it feels like your goals are too far away.

For this week's blog post, we caught up with Zach Rance, founder of the Mental Health Collection, to talk about mental health, passion, and life as a startup founder.

Zach Rance is a certified life coach and nutritionist. When he isn't totally killing it as a founder, he likes to read (especially books about spirituality and consciousness), play tennis, exercise, meditate, and go to the beach.

Zach founded The Mental Health Collection in 2020 as a community for people to find support surrounding their own mental health. One of his favorite parts about running the Mental Health correction is the opportunity it brings him to connect with others who are also passionate about mental health.

The Mental Health Collection recently opened a founder registry with Startup Angels which you can check out and support here) and he told us he loves the tools Startup Angels provides him to support the Mental Health Collection.

We loved getting to know Zach and the Mental Health Collection! If you'd like to learn more, check out @mentalhealthcollection on instagram, and @mystartupangels, where Zach did an awesome takeover!

Do you have an early startup that could use some tools, tips, perks, and a sense of community? Check out now to get started with your own registry with Startup Angels today!

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