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Startup Spotlight: SHAYDE BEAUTY

Here at startup Angels, we are looking to support you -- the best and brightest of entrepreneurs.

Lucky for us, we had the awesome opportunity to talk to Shay Paresh, of SHAYDE BEAUTY, who told us a little bit about her, her brand, and some tips you'll need to be the best business owner you can be.

SHAYDE BEAUTY is a skin care line made with melanin in mind. People with skin of color often have inflammation which can lead to skin concerns such as hyper pigmentation and dark spots. Shay was inspired to create this brand when reflecting on her own skincare struggles over the years. She told us, “It became obvious that melanin-rich skin tones were being underserved. Many brands ignore the needs of deeper complexions from the formulations down to the marketing. Oftentimes formulas are just adapted to to meet the needs of ethnic skin, not originally formulated from the start.”

For those of you looking for tips to get started on your own ventures, here's what Shay told us she wished she had known when she started her business.

  • Always be ready to adapt

  • Make sure you're constantly innovating, but only say yes to new ventures if they're worth your time and energy.

  • Always focus on what you do best.

  • Activity does not equal growth

SHAYDE BEAUTY is part of the startup Angels fam (and you can check out support their registry here). We think every young startup should be on Startup Angels (but obviously we're a little biased). So don't just take our word for it! Here are the reasons Shay loves startup Angels.

  • Startup Angels helps you build traction within your community

  • There are no upfront fees!

  • It’s super convenient!

  • The mission of supporting one another is clear -- everyone on the Startup Angels team has been so supportive!

We loved getting to know Shay and her brand a little, and hope you did too! If you’re looking to check SHAYDE BEAUTY out, you can view their products here (Shay recommends the Brightening Serum as an awesome first purchase), you can view their registry here, and follow them on social media @ShaydeBeauty

Do you have a business you’d like to grow? Make sure to check out Startup Angels where we provide tons of business perks, an engaging community, and a founder’s registry so that people close to you can support your business. Also, give us a quick follow on social media @mystartupangels for motivation, business tips, and more!

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