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Startup Spotlight: Outerthere

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for new activities? Are you intimidated by outdoor activities and have no idea where to start? Regardless of where you fall, we’d like to introduce you to Outerthere, the perfect place to go if you’re looking to try something new in the great outdoors.

We sat down with Al, the founder of Outerthere, to tell you about all of the awesome things Outerthere can do for you, and all the awesome things Al does, too.

Earlier in his career, Al worked as a marketing executive. In 2010, a personal tragedy caused him to reevaluate his professional career and he . found himself inspired to do more outdoorsy activities, leading to the launch of Outerthere. Outerthere has allowed Al to do something all of us aspire to do -- work on something he’s passionate about.

Outerthere started as an email, then quickly grew to a blog, an adventure tour reseller, and ultimately, an outdoor activities trip operator. Outerthere has seen incredible growth over the year, with 2 to 3 outdoor trips every weekend out of NYC! Says Al, , “I learned that I didn't have to compete doing the same things and practices as others in my industry. My approach can be different and also successful.”

Al was referred to join Startup Angels by a partner. When we asked him what he liked most about being in the Startup Angels family, he said, “It's a terrific alternative to raising the money we need. Giving our "angels" that kind of flexibility in how they invest in us is a perfect fit for our brand”.

Outerthere has recently begun operating trips out of Baltimore, their first city outside of NYC, and they’ve added three new team members since the winter. Outerthere has got some super cool announcements coming for the summer and fall, so make sure you stay tuned! You can keep up by checking out, signing up for their weekly emails to get exclusive trips and announcements, or follow @Outerthere on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,Tiktok, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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